Permit Applications & Forms

Please contact the township office (814-382-8579) to determine the types of permits that may be required for your construction project.  Some projects will require both Zoning and UCC (Uniform Construction Code) permits.  Others may require only a Zoning Permit.

Click below to download some of the most commonly requested applications and forms:

Zoning Permit Application
MDIA UCC Permit Application (Building, Demo, Electric)
Prosek’s Inspection UCC Permit Application (Residential)
Prosek’s Inspection UCC Permit Application (Commercial)
Prosek’s Inspection Electric Application
Storm Water Management Application

Demolition Permit Application
Prosek’s Inspection Demo Application
Burning Permit Application

Sign Permit Application
Zoning Appeal Application

UCC Appeal Application
Subdivision Application
Conditional Use Application

Occupancy Permit Application
Flood Plain Elevation Certificate & Instructions
Landlord-Tenant Registration Form
Solicitation Permit Application
Highway Occupancy Permit Application and Highway Occupancy Permit Fee Schedule
Crawford County OES New Address Form