Roads Department

Mission: To maintain public right-of-ways as necessary to promote the health, safety and welfare of the traveling public and Sadsbury Township residents.

Duties & Responsibilities: The Road Department maintains forty three miles of road which include gravel, asphalt and tar and chip surfaces. Repairs and replacement of road signs, traffic lights, guide rails, culverts, patching and road restoration are every day road department tasks. Seasonal tasks, such as vegetation removal, mowing, sweeping, ice and snow removal add to the road department maintenance demands. On any given day, accidents, weather conditions, and unforeseen problems may change the direction of the Road Department daily tasks and/or bring them out after hours in response to emergencies related to the safety of the traveling public.

Seasonally, the department changes their efforts. The winter months bring a need to be prepared for ice and snow removal. Late winter and early spring brings a demand to seal road surface cracks, repair potholes and to complete vegetation pruning. The summer season is the time when road resurfacing projects are completed.

Maintenance of Roadway

Snow & Ice Removal: The Road Department plows and salts 43 miles of Township roads during inclement weather, including cul-de-sacs.  Please do not park on the roadway during these events.  All obstructions must be removed from the right-of-way in order to safely clear the streets of snow and ice.  Roads must remain open to allow vehicles in each lane to pass each other without stopping.  This also allows emergency vehicles to travel on roadways without obstruction.

Road Repair: The Road Department is responsible for all asphalt patching and pothole repairs on Township roads. The Township is not responsible for fixing potholes on Stateroad_repair roadways. The Township is not responsible for private roadways in new developments until such time as they are dedicated to the Township.

Each year the Department resurfaces various streets within the Township. The funding for this work comes from the annual State Liquid Fuels Fund. Roads are selected based on various criteria and needs, including surface conditions, traffic volume, condition of underground utilities, condition of abutting infrastructure, such as curbing and drainage swales.

Miscellaneous Road Maintenance

Traffic Markings & Signs: The Road Department is responsible for the installation and application of all municipal street signs and traffic markings. The Department installs the signs and markings in accordance with the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, Rules and Regulations.

Vegetation Control: The Road Department annually prunes and trims overgrown vegetation along its right-of-ways in order to maintain sight distances at corners, clear corridors on straight-aways, and to allow sunlight to penetrate to the roadway to affect a dry road surface. A side benefit of this vegetation control program is a need for less ice meltor as shaded road surfaces are eliminated.