Tax Collection

Sadsbury Township Elected Tax Collector
Nicole Hans
10200 Free Road
Conneaut Lake, PA  16316
Office Hours:  Wednesdays & Thursdays  9:30 am to 4:30 pm

The Elected Tax Collector is responsible for the collection of real estate taxes for Sadsbury Township, Crawford County and Conneaut School District for all parcels within Sadsbury Township.  She also is responsible for the collection of street light and fire hydrant assessements, as well as the Per Capita Tax.

Schedule of Tax Payments:
Real Estate Taxes & Assessments for Sadsbury Township and Crawford County are mailed out on March 1st.  Payments must be received by the Tax Collector to meet the following deadlines:
Discount value         ends April 30th
Face value               ends June 30th

Real Estate Taxes for Conneaut School District and Per Capita Taxes are mailed out on August 1st.  Payments must be received by the Tax Collector to meet the following deadlines:
Discount value        ends September 30th
Face value              ends November 30th

All payments made during the penalty period must be received by the Tax Collector prior to December 31st in order to avoid being turned over to Crawford County for collection of delinquent taxes, which will include additional interest and penalties.

Per the PA Local Enabling Tax, as amended by Act 32 of 2008, and Sadsbury Township Ordinance #195-2011 Earned Income Tax, every business that employs individuals at work sites within Pennsylvania, or employs individuals who work from their homes in Pennsylvania, is REQUIRED to withhold the applicable local earned income tax from employees’ wages in the amount of 1% and remit to Berkheimer Inc.  For more information, contact Berkheimer at or PA Dept of Community and Economic Development at

Each employer within Sadsbury Township, as well as each employer located outside of Sadsbury Township but who engages in business within Sadsbury Township, or individuals who are self employed within Sadsbury Township are charged with the duty of collecting from each employee the Local Services Tax in the amount of $52 per year and remit to Berkheimer Inc.  Exemptions include those individuals whose total earned income does not exceed $12,000 per calendar year.  Please review Sadsbury Township Ordinance #196-2011 Local Services Tax for complete details and further exemptions.  Visit Berkheimer Inc. at for more information, forms and instructions for remitance.